The Studio

No. We will absolutely not tattoo anyone under 18, even with the presence of a legal guardian. Please bring some photo ID.

  • The minimum age to get pierced without a legal guardian is 16 years old, excluding intimate piercings (nipple, genitals), microdermal implants, surface piercings and cheeks.
  • The piercings allowed for people aged 13+ with the presence of a legal guardian are:
    Ear lobes, Helix and Nostril.
  • Ear lobes will be done on children aged 8+ with the presence of a legal guardian.

Accepted forms of ID: Valid Passport, Drivers License, Birth Certificate (for 8-16 year olds, accompanied by a legal guardian) or any government issued photo ID.

Yes, walk-ins are welcome and will be addressed on a first come first serve basis. Please call beforehand for availability.

Yes, our first floor is fully wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you have any special requirements prior to your appointment, so we can make sure that your tattooist going to be located in a suitable area.

We are open everyday (including holidays) from 12-8pm.

The fastest way to get a response will be to contact us via WhatsApp or to give us a call. If you prefer, you can also send us an email, or fill up our contact form.

Yes, we do free consultations daily from 2-8pm. Come by the shop and have a chat with us 😉

Short answer is no. If you absolutely need someone for support please contact us before your appointment to make arrangements, otherwise they will not be allowed. Our waiting room is also limited on space so if you have a friend come with you to check in that is fine but please limit it to ONE guest.

  • Please be aware that we have the right to cancel if you are intoxicated during your appointment. 
  • Please do not drink the night before your appointment, it causes you to bleed more and makes it harder for your artist to work (also it will only hurt you more!).
  • Avoid heavy sun exposure before your appointment - if you are sunburned we may not be able to tattoo you! 
  • Get a good night’s rest, eat well, and make sure you are hydrated. You can bring food with you or run out to grab food during a break if needed. 
  • You MUST have a government-issued photo ID with you to be tattooed. You have to fill out paperwork and we need to verify your age, a passport, state ID, Driver’s License are all acceptable.

Tattoo Aftercare

Please follow these steps to ensure your tattoo heals as best as it can, how you look after it will determine the quality of healing, once you leave the studio, it’s up to you to make sure your tattoo heals well.

Every artist follows a different aftercare process. Regardless of the process chosen, it is important to keep in mind that a tattoo is an open wound and need to be taken care properly to avoid infection.

The average healing process takes between 10-30 days. The surface skin should be partially healed after 7 days. 

DAY 1 you will notice blood, plasma, and ink oozing from your tattoo. The tattoo may also feel warmth and/or swelling. Don’t worry, it’s all good. Make sure you keep your tattoo clean, washing it with fragrance-free soap after a few hours of getting it done. After washing it, wrap it again with cling film. 

DAY 2-3 you’ll have to wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day, using a moisturizer that is alcohol and fragrance free (at this point you probably have one of our aftercare creams, if not we recommend using either shea or cocoa butter). After washing it and moisturizing it, wrap the tattoo again on cling film.

DAY 4-6 the redness should fade, and some scabbing should occur (keep you hands away from them!). Remember to keep washing and moisturizing your tattoo. No need to wrap it up by now.

DAY 7 onwards the scabs should start falling, the tattoo is probably feeling itchy - it is normal, do not scratch it. Make sure you keep your tattoo moisturized till the tattoo is finally fully healed.



  • Do not submerge your tattoo in water (swimming pool, baths, sea) for at least 1 week. 2 weeks for the sea. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight or sunbed for the full healing process since this could cause damage to your skin and fade your tattoo.

For any other questions regarding your aftercare process please do not hesitate contacting us.


Piercing Aftercare

Sterile saline products such as Stericlens are recommended for healing.

  • WASH your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or touching your piercing for any reason.
  • SOAK for five to ten minutes TWICE per day. Invert a cup of warm saline solution over the area to form a vacuum. For certain piercings it may be easier to apply
    using clean gauze or cotton buds saturated with the solution. A brief rinse afterward will remove any residue.
  • DRY by gently patting with clean, disposable paper products. Cloth towels can harbor bacteria.
  • Initially: some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness, or bruising.
  • During healing: some discoloration, itching, secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (not pus) that will form some crust on the jewelry.
  • Once healed: the jewelry may not move freely in the piercing; do not force it. If you fail to include cleaning your piercing as part of your daily hygiene routine, normal but smelly bodily secretions may accumulate.
  • A piercing may seem healed before the healing process is complete. This is because tissue heals from the outside in, and although it feels fine, the interior remains fragile. Be patient, and keep cleaning throughout the entire healing period.
  • Even healed piercings can shrink or close in minutes after having been there for years! This varies from person to person.
  • Cleaning with Bactine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Detol or other harsh soaps, as these can damage cells. Also avoid ointments as they prevent necessary air circulation.
  • Over-cleaning. This can delay your healing and irritate your piercing.
  • Undue trauma such as friction from clothing, excessive motion of the area, playing with the jewelry, and vigorous cleaning. These activities can cause the formation of unsightly and uncomfortable scar tissue, migration, prolonged healing, and other complications.
  • All oral contact, rough play, and contact with others' bodily fluids on or near your piercing during healing.
  • Submerging the piercing in unhygenic water such as lakes, pools, hot tubs, etc. Or,use a waterproof wound-sealant bandage.
  • Unless there is a problem with the size, style, or material of the initial jewelry, leave it in place for the entire healing period. See a qualified piercer to perform any jewelry change that becomes necessary during healing.
  • Unless there is a problem with the size, style, or material of the initial jewelry, leave it in the place for the entire healing period. See a qualified piercer to perform any jewelry change that becomes necessary during healing.
  • With clean hands or paper product, be sure to regularly check threaded ends on your jewelry for tightness. ("Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.")
  • Maintain cleanliness of telephones, headphones, eyeglasses, helmets, hats, and anything that contacts the pierced area.
  • During healing, it is not necessary to rotate your jewelry.
  • The healthier your lifestyle, the easier it will be for your piercing to heal.

Costs & Payment

Our shop minimum is £60, meaning no matter what size all of our tattoos will start at £60.

It completely depends on the artist and the proposed tattoo. The best thing to do is fill out our online form that you can find here, and we can give you advice on how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Yes. We ask for a £50 deposit on tattoos that will cost up to £200 and £100 for the ones over £200. The deposit will then come off the final cost of the tattoo.
If the tattoo requires more than one session, your deposit will be taken out of the last session. Deposits are nonrefundable. If the appointment needs to be rescheduled, 3 days notice must be given or the deposit will be forfeit. Failure to show up or backing out of a tattoo will result in a forfeit of your deposit.

Yes you can if you let us know about it with at least 3 days notice.

If the tattoo has been taken care of properly and it needs a touch up we will do it free of charge. 

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